How To Be Successful At Retail

How To Be Successful At Retail

     Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Kanga Coolers family! We’re so appreciative of your support and would love to earn the opportunity to work with you! Reminiscing back on what this company began as a class project worthy of a “B” grade from our professor, now with our own office, website, and fully-staffed team, it’s pretty incredible to see how far we’ve come.

     Given both its price-point and how little space it takes up on a shelf, there’s no question why the Kanga Kase Mate has achieved notable success at the retail level. Between the convenience of our product and the approachable price point, consumers everywhere are beginning to realize that spending hundreds of dollars on a cooler that keeps drinks cold for days on end when in fact, all the drinks were gone in a matter of hours makes no sense!

     The idea of the Kanga Kase Mate was born on gameday at Clemson University. Our founder, Logan LaMance, became fed up with the only available options for keeping his oh-so-precious beer cold, Requiring either hard cooler which needed ice and was heavy. Or as a naked case, vulnerable to the sweltering South Carolina heat! That’s when the idea came to mind of taking the concept of a koozie for a standard can and making one fit an already cold 6, 12 or 24-pack of beverages!

     Conveying that same train of thought to consumers is how we recommend merchandising the Kanga Kase Mate to achieve the highest levels of success at the retail level. More specifically, what we suggest is grabbing a 12-pack of beverages (beer, soda, or seltzer)and inserting it HALFWAY into the Kase Mate, leaving the zipper-side unzipped. Conveying to the consumer what the Kase Mate is, how to use it, and the various case sizes to use with it. Thankfully, the Kanga team has made this step even easier with the POP display box we include with every order of 24+ units! With one side replicating a generic beer brand and the other a generic soda brand, you can choose whether to display your Kase Mates with or without alcohol!

      Looking forward to 2020, the Kanga team has taken even further steps to help its retail partners be successful with the introduction of a new hangtag for every 6, 12 and 24-pack Kase Mate (pictured below). Every new hangtag now includes a description of what the Kase Mate is, how it works, how to use it when to use it and to top it all off a personal note from our very own CEO and Co-Founder Logan LaMance!


Success Stories


The BeeHive - Anderson, SC

    The Beehive is a local boutique gift store located not too far from our first Kanga HQ office based in Anderson, SC. Since their first order of Kanga Kase Mates, the Beehive has reordered four additional times with us. Based deep in the heart of Clemson Tiger territory, our 6, 12 and 24-pack officially licensed Clemson units have been a huge hit!


Whimsicality - Annapolis, MD


     Whimsicality is a boutique store located out of Annapolis, MD where Kanga’s very own Austin Maxwell is originally from! Their initial order from Kanga was for 60 units, which after being promptly displayed on Whimsicality’s retail shelves and website, sold through so quickly that their re-order was not for more wholesale units, but instead for 300 fully-custom Whimsicality branded Kase Mates of their own!

Lucy’s Market - Atlanta, GA

     Lucy’s Market is a specialty grocery store chain located out of Buckhead, GA which initially ordered 48 wholesale units from Kanga. In only a matter of weeks, Lucy’s was able to sell through all 48 of their units and which then prompted the second-order of not more wholesale units but instead 300 fully-custom Lucy’s Market branded Kase Mates!