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What’s the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for an opening order with Kanga Coolers?

What’s the MOQ for re-orders?

How do I pay for orders?

How soon will my order be shipped to me?

When and how will I receive tracking info for my order once it has shipped?

What happens if the coolers I want to purchase are on back-order?

Does Kanga Coolers offer drop-shipping?

What physical POP assets are included with my opening order or Kanga Coolers?

What digital assets can I access from Kanga to help educate and raise awareness with my customer base?

What’s the suggested retail price for the 6, 12 and 24-pack?

What’s the best way to display and merchandise my Kanga Coolers?

Does Kanga Coolers offer any products on Amazon?

What is Kanga Cooler’s return and exchange policy?

What customization options are available?